Current Projects:

Son of the Seed (Jan. 2021): This is a story about.  

Refusing to accept his royal duties, LEROY the last Emperor of the planet Mustardos, has gone awol and headed to Earth to be an incognito college nerd. He’s dodging his leadership role in pursuit of knowledge and the comforts of a driftless youth. 

As a walking, talking yet quirky trust fund, Leroy gets lured into being roommates with MIKE and GARY. This saves the awkward duo from an encroaching eviction. Strange things begin to happen including a stunning revelation that Leroy has a deathly fear of ketchup and an insatiable desire for mustard. 

The roommates’ situation takes an alarming turn when they get a surprise visit from OBI DIJON, a wise oracle who informs them of Leroy’s true identity. He’s Emperor Leroy, prodigal son of the mustard seed planet. Obi Dijon gives Mike and Gary a mission to whip Leroy into shape and prepare him for a heroic return to help save his planet from total destruction by their arch enemy, the Ketchupians.

Mike and Gary meet the “hold my beer, I’ve got this” challenge and assist Leroy to rise to his rightful role as Emperor. After a series of botched hero trainings, Emperor Leroy discovers that Mustardians and the Ketchupians may not need to annihilate each other and he returns to Mustardos to try and save his planet. As appreciation for their friendship and loyalty, Emperor Leroy sends Mike and Gary a gift they will never forget.


Lick & Sniff (Jan. 2019):This is a story about a young man and woman who reluctantly meet at a cinema for a blind date. Differences over the validity of an emerald pendant eventually turns to attraction but the path to romance requires that they get cozy with a rock wall first!

Crossword Short Film (Jan. 2018):  This is a story about two people who have a difficult time talking about sensitive subjects and a crossword puzzle seemingly with a mind of its own leads the couple down the path of discovery.

Crossword Short Film from randyslagle on Vimeo.


Documentary Film 1:  Push it to the Limit  This project is about three people, each with a life altering disability, pushing the limits of their ability to redefine what it means to be DISABLED.   It is an inspirational documentary film focusing on a Swiss downhill slalom and Super G skier (Michael Brugger), an American (Alana Nichlos) who is a wheelchair Sitskier and wheelchair basketball Para-Olympian, and a Dutch kite surfer and snowboarder (Jens Zinklar).  Filming has been completed and the project  is currently in post production.



Documentary Film 2:  The Expat Experience -- Living Abroad  This project is a story about families who moved from America to Switzerland and the experiences and challenges they faced as they learned how to live outside of their native land. 


Recent Projects:  Unexpected Fate  I co-wrote, directed and produced this short film in 2014. Received official selection in the Gassli Film Festival in Basel, Switzerland:  


Summer Short Film Course Final Project: This was the final project for a short film course I took in London during the Summer of 2013. I wrote the script and directed the film.


Other Projects:

Music Videos, Trailers, Concerts and Corporate Videos:

Ballad of Jamie Tucker Music Video:

Bern Lacrosse Team Trailer:

SwissTap Flashmob Video:

SwissTap 20 Year Celebration:

Swiss Quality Paper Corporate Video:

Crush Musical Concert:

Polish Orchestra Concert Mannheim, Germany:

Young Life Summer Event Highlight Reel:

Steven Zabrowski Hockey Highlight Reel: